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i know it's supposed to be: it's never too late to apologize, so don't try to be a smarty-ass by correcting me.

Name: Janette Fu Jinting
Likes:chasin dramas,slacking
Dislikes: Know-It-All people, Bckstabbers
enjoys netball, basketball, billard and computer game
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Friday, June 18, 2010
Sat 19 June(early morning) 2010

i noe sme stuff isnt suppose to be rushed thru...but i cant help but ask abt it...whr did my self-contented go to?i realli wonder...hiding it is makin me feel tired..nth abt my pride...jus wonders n wonders...guess all i can do is to wait?n gosh...i nid sme strength to b able to so...hais...emo-ness seems to b gettin at me pretty frequently these days..my mind cant help but to think abt it...think abt hw am i suppose to bring the subject up...n when i do, the answer wasnt wad i expected..smth seems to make me feel damn tight hearin de ans..it jus makes me think alot..am i tt bad as to hav to hide it away?i noe de ans is no.but stil, i wonder.was being frens actualli better?omg, i cant believe i am thinkin this qn...but i dun c much difference btween the two kinds of relationship..other than when we're alone, so wad am i suppose to do?wait i guess..that seems to b the only solution to this prob..i dun wanna think of the other option.jus by thinkin i feel my heart ache..i hav went too deep to think of that alr...
12:26 PM
Monday, June 14, 2010
June 15 Tues (early morning)

its 2am in de morning...im having squash compeitition tmr at 10am..n im here stil blogging..having a chalet aft tt...freakin out fr de match alr...gosh..all i need nw is a hug n a sentence frm a special someone...but it seems difficult..is life realli meaningful?mayb bcuz im freakin out nw so im emo-ing but i am vulnerable..is life meaningful?it doesnt seem that things will go de way i prefered..and i cant force certain things..mayb that's y im feeling so bad nw..or mayb im jus emo-ing..i duno...im nt sure..but hw i wish i could b honest abt certain stuff..hais..off to bed nw..mayb i'll feel better aft waking up..hopefully..
11:06 AM
Monday, May 10, 2010
Mon 10 May 2010

in sch nw...in de lab blogging...hahas...week 4 onli n assignments are pouring in...sian one...joined squash...a totally new sport tt i've nvr tried before...hmmm getting de hang of it...although de physical trainin is kinda difficult...but i tink i jus throw it to me nt seriously exercising tt much in quite a number of months...currently jus slacking.waiting fr squash training at 6.30pm ltr...life is starting to hav a meaning once more...jus happy...:)
12:24 AM
Thursday, April 01, 2010
Thurs Apr 1 2010

Some ppl seem to misunderstand y did I post tt last post out…de title was if only all guys noe tt…its jus a hope….n to tink tt de note was actually taken frm one of my guy fren’s profile…it seem to b a wonder tt he actually noes wad girls are lookin out for n I tot it wud b gd to share it wif everyone..

It is pretty ironic I must agree wif Conrad….but nt for de same reason..to me..it is ironic bcoz it ws actually comin out frm a guy’s mind…but yet it seems lyk he is de only one that gets it….

U shld noe y I dun wanna patch bck…I dun see a point in continuing a relationship tt seems to me tt will nvr work out…u noe wad was de most angry part to me?de part tt u actually gt de cheeks to sae tt I nvr ever mentioned tt I treat my frens better dn my bf….n this was actually wad tt causes every quarrel…sry to sae….but I did mentioned abt me treating my frens better dn my bf b4 we even stead…I could even swear to which ever god u wan me to swear to u noe…but yet…as times proves it….it seems tt no one could stand me lyk tt…..nt u Conrad…nt any of my ex….no matter hw much they sae they do nt mind in de beginning…..it always ended up wif de same ending….quarrelling bcoz of this…n ended up breaking up…it is also becoz of this very same reason tt I can swear tt I did mentioned to u b4 we stead….bcoz I was seriously sick n tired of de same cause of quarrel…if I noe dn…tt u cant take tt fact….i promise….de whole relationship wouldn’t even started at all…another reason tt I dun wanna patch….bcoz I seriously dun believe tt u stil lyk me…to me…someone tt lyks me…wouldn’t threaten to take a chooper to my hse….wouldnt threaten to come find me n gimme a slap…although none of it happened, but to me, a guy tt is capable of sayin it….sayin tt he’ll hit a women..is equalaviant to a bastard…

Some ppl are gonna scold me y am I even bothering to reply u wif this blog post…bcoz de rite treatment to do is jus to ignore u all de way….n trust me….i’m gg to do tt startin frm fde very moment I posts this blog post…n btw…stop being a jerk n asshole by spreading stuff ard ur camp….if I managed to get whole of any solid evidence or get very irritated….u n ur officer can kiss ur whole career gdbye…..i meant it when I sae it…n for ur info….wanna find someone to irritate me…pls la…find somebody tt is better can….ur officer is seriously a loser in responding to de bombardments thrown by me lor..

bye bye
12:30 AM
Thursday, March 18, 2010
IF only, ALL guys noe this...

saw this as one of my fren's notes on fb....if only all guys noe this...if onli guys do realli do this...den mayb eveything will hav a chge...but yet its so difficult to do so...no. 9 is de most most true thing..dun silent for a long time den come tell ppl tt u stil lyk her...n esp dun do so aft getting another relationship le n break le den come sae...but if she stil insist on not...trust her...she's suffering enuf alr n doesnt wanna make another mistake...

一。和她发短信时,回复一定要快,让她觉得你放下手上的事情立刻回复她,字数一定要比她的多,这样她会觉得你很在乎她。 ­ ­

二。每天睡觉之前一定要给她一条道“晚安”的短信,不管你有多晚,因为她可能一直在等你,只是她嘴上说不管。即便是她已经昏昏睡去,第二天一醒来也会立刻去查收信息。 ­ ­

三。看到她的未接电话要立刻打过去,任何时候不要让她找不到你,因为这样她会一直很不安心。 ­ ­

四。你问她想不想你时,如果她说不想,你不要生气,因为她的不想就是想。 ­ ­

五。千万要记得女生都是害羞的,不要什么都让她主动。也不要在她表现心疼、吃醋、关心你的时候不停地问,只要偷偷地笑心里甜就够了,也许她不想让你知道她无时无刻不在想对你好。 ­ ­

六。经常去她的空间逛逛,即使什么也不留下,但是她看到你来过的痕迹也会很开心,也许有些心情就是为你而写。顺便看看她的心情日志什么的,还有她好友的留言,多知道点她的小秘密挺好,准备惊喜也容易点。 ­ ­

七。牵了手就不要轻易说分手,吵架的时候也不要说。如果她赌气跑开,只要一个用力的拥抱就能让她安静,就能让她感觉到你的爱。希望你能懂她离开时想要被挽留,如果说出口那只是乞求来的温柔。 ­ ­

八。开始一段新的恋情的前提是放下前面的所有恋情,你可以把她们给你的信物和美好记忆保留着,但是请把这些用一个匣子藏在她永远不会发现的地方,因为那些她不知道的事对于她是致命的伤害。记住女生都是敏感的动物。 ­ ­

九。如果一时冲动分了手,请给彼此冷却的时间,想清楚她就是你想要的人就勇敢地告诉她,不管用什么手段,死皮赖脸也好让她回到你身边就好。如果真的爱她就不要放开她,不要让她伤心,不要让她流泪,你明明知道她有多傻,她会傻傻等你的,你知道女生的青春有多么宝贵么!如果你还心疼她绝不要在分手不到一个月就移情别恋,这样等于在她伤口上撒盐。请你交换角色想一想,如果你女朋友和你分手第二天就在别的男人怀里开心地笑,你的心会有多痛?­ ­


9:28 AM
Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Wed 17 March 2010

tagboard is bck to quietness...feels so gd to hav it bck...i noe de posts there sounds rather sarcastic la...but its hw i feel abt everything..ironic n sarcastic..i might sound lyk i'm givin ppl attitude prob la...but its wad i do when i feel a certain thing is way too ironic...lyk for example this incident..

it isnt a wrong thing that i treat my frens better den my bf rite...aft all frens are wad i start out wif...of coz there will be betrayals n changing of frens etc etc...but friendship is stil smth i treasure de most...
10:35 AM
Thursday, March 11, 2010
Early Friday March 12 2010

honestly duno wad u wan frm me...n i hav no idea why u wanna bother me aft 3months...listen...its 3months...its a quarter of a yr...y disturb me?i dun get it...n i'm nt showing any attitude...if u tink so...i oso hav nth to sae..
9:39 AM